December 27, 2016

Review: Snow Skincare DD Cream

 Hello everyone! Another Snow Skincare product and again this is from @thewholesalersdepot. Not sure how much is this but I guess it's 1,000 pesos something because that's usually the price range of Snow Skincare items.
Product Description:
This is a 3 in 1 product. It is a moisturizer, foundation and a sunscreen.
I also use this as my makeup base or primer. It's really great. It has that instant brightening effect because of its light coverage.
Packaging: It is housed in a pump type bottle containing 20mL. 
 Scent: This one doesn't have that sweet scent like the facial cleanser. It smells like old perfume but barely there. It isn't really bothering nor over powering and not irritating so nothing to worry about.
DD cream
With SnowSkincare DD Cream

If you want to go for the natural look you can use this as it is. I suggest use it everyday if you like to wear makeup or use it as a moisturizer and a sunscreen.
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  1. I've been long curious about this product sis! Thanks for posting.


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