January 06, 2017

Review: EB Advance Eyeshadow 5 Shades (Amazing Pink)

 Hello my dreamcatchers! Here's a local product that has a nice and great quality. This is from EB Advance, it is their 5 shades eyeshadow. I forgot how much is this. Let me know the price in the comment section but as I remember it's PhP 130+.
It is encased in a glossy black square compact and from the cover you can already see what are the colors inside.

 There's actually an applicator included here but I think I threw it. =P
I bought this eyeshadow because I need something that I'll use for my Plum entry for EB's big beauty challenge. This is Amazing Pink and all shades are shining, shimmering, splendid! I love the design and colors of the shadow. It has 2 pink shades, 1 lavender, 1 purple and 1 white shadow.


My thoughts?
For a local product, this is inexpensive. These shadows are super pigmented but also have a lot of fall outs. They do last on my eyelids since it's not oily. No need for primer as the color really shows good.

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