January 29, 2017

Review: Happy Scrub (Coconut)

 Hello everyone!! For today's review is Happy Scrub Coffee Scrub (Coconut) and while I searched my Instagram I couldn't seem to find their account anymore. They sent this last year with the "Original" variant. I already forgot how much is this but anyway I'll still post my thoughts about this.
 Packaging: It comes in this ecofriendly packaging with proper labeling of its description, benefits and ingredients
Scent: It smells like coffee but not as strong as the original variant that smells like black coffee.
Key Ingredients & Benefits
It smells really nice and gives the perfect aromatherapy while bathing. I am really a coffee addict. I cannot resist the scent of coffee. It stung a little so be cautious if you have sensitive skin. It exfoliated and eliminated dry skin cells as I felt the softness and smoothness of my skin. I love it!
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