February 26, 2017

#EBbigbeautychallenge Grand Finals ENTRY!

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Hello everyone! The contest will end on March 5 2017! Before everything else, I believe the EB big beauty challenge by Ever Bilena is a success. I think they gained more exposure as a lot of people joined this contest and a lot also watch videos posted by those competitors. I won on the Candy Theme makeup week and I joined the first few weeks and I almost got tired and surrender and not film anymore until the candy theme. Moving on to the present, the theme is Avant Garde. I don't know what's Avant Garde so when I searched it online, it something different, unorthodox. I was thinking of mermaid, fairy or unicorn. Yet, I chose to be a unicorn because I've always wanted to be one. Some of the weekly winners are professional MUA, youtube gurus and makeup enthusiasts too. I know my entry is not that amazing if you compared it to their work but I'm really happy with what I came up with. I do not like to compare but definitely others will. My family and my friends are amazed with what I've done so I'm very proud of this. It's my first time doing an avant garde makeup though I know it's not an excuse to do just okay. Anyway, thank you again and again from week 1 to present for all the support! Here's my entry..


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