February 18, 2017

KarenLiz Diary #3

Dear dreamers,

I can't believe that tomorrow will be our 8th Anniversary! OMG! I've seen him from being a boy to a man. The sweetest guy I've ever met. My bestfriend and also my enemy. He keeps me sane. I do not know what we are going to do tomorrow but definitely we'll go to church and pray and thank God for everything. We both don't like eating at fancy restaurants so definitely we'll eat pizza or just stay home. Bahala na bukas. I don't have something to give him yet cause every time I need to go out, he's there. hahaha! Driver and sweet lover. haha! Kidding aside, I pray that God will always lead and guide us. To my love, Dennis Marlo, I love you so much! Always & Forever.
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