February 02, 2017

Review: Bare Skin Keratin Pure Daily Hair Treatment

 Hello everyone! I know I already gave my feedback on Instagram about this a long time ago and maybe you haven't seen that. Might as well post my review here. Bare Skin Keratin Pure Daily Hair Treatment. I believe this retails for PhP 150. Please comment if you know. This is 100g only and they also offer bigger size.
I already used this that's why it's almost half empty in the photo. It is creamy and soft. It has that cooling sensation when applied especially when it touched the scalp. It's like mint.

This is my hair (dry and dull)
 After (Smooth, tangled free and shiny)
Full face makeup because I filmed this look haha
 Overall, I super love this hair treatment. It's so effective as it removed tangles, softened my hair and made my black hair even more noticeable and shiny. I kept tying my hair and the effect of the treatment lasts for 7 to 9 days.

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