February 06, 2017

Review: One Blush Stains

 Hello there! With the cold breeze my pores aren't too visible that I can go out bareface or minimal makeup. This product is one of my go-to product because of its natural effect. These are the One Blush Stains from @oneblush_superstaindavao (Instagram account)
Product claims to be:
`Long lasting
`Safe for your skin
Also it is homemade and hand made and affordable for the price of PhP 110.00 only!
 Packaging: It is housed in a squeezed type tube. It's somehow similar to EB Advance Blushing cheeks. Sometimes, I get confused when I'm looking at my blushes drawer.
Main Ingredients: Water, Strawberry, Glycerin
 I still wonder what are the other ingredients to change the color

I received two(2) shades and I believe they added one more shade which is Pink. I have Red and Vamp Red. The RED shade has more stickiness than the VAMP RED which has a watery consistency that it tends to spill when I open the cap.

RED: has a combination of peachy and cool tone red. It's like highschool all over again when I went kiligs with my HS crush kind of blush.
 VAMP RED: has a warm tone red looks like a flushed cheeks when you had 2 alcoholic drinks already. hihi
I suggest that they can work on the consistency of the product. I cannot control the amount of product I should use. They stain really nice on the cheeks. You can use this also for the lips but I didn't do it as the pigmentation is not too rich but it's buildable so it's better not to over do it. The stain is remarkable as it stays as long as 14 hours after I remove with a micellar water. It is waterproof so it's nice. I like that it is organic and it doesn't break me out. I have a combination skin type. Overall, I like using these blushes for the natural effect / sunkissed look and this is also included on my no makeup look / barely there makeup.

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