March 16, 2017

Review: Bareskin Organic Lip Scrub (Green)

Bareskin Organic Lip Scrub is a lip care product from @mybareskinspecialistmain in Instagram. It retails for PhP 120 only. I have the other lip scrub too which is the strawberry one. This one smells like green tea. Lip scrub will make your lips moist and retain its moisture longer, helping to prevent cracked and dry lips.
It is housed in a small container. I didn't know how much the product contained because it is not indicated though it's larger than 10peso coin and has a 3/4 inch height. It's like a sugar scrub because of the sugar content in it.
How To Use:
Rub onto lip, Leave for 1 minute and then wipe it off with cloth.
As you can see at the top photo my lips were really dry and I really had to scrub my lips because I was about to do swatches. Anyway, I frequently scrub my lips but not everyday as it's also sensitive and thin. Definitely, it's effective and that's important. I like this one better than the strawberry because this one didn't stain my lips.
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  1. Maybe I need also that lip scrub Ms. karen. I have dry and chapped lips maybe because of the lipstick that I use. Looks like it works on your lips po.

    1. yes po. Scrub to exfoliate dry and chapped lips


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