March 04, 2017

Review: Ever Bilena Makeup Brush Set

Product Description:
A five-piece basic brush set designed with animal print for that stylish beauty on-the-go. Blends effortlessly for flawless makeup application. Soft to the skin and travel friendly.
Price: PhP 120.00
Made in China
When you buy this one, it has a nice packaging. It is housed in this transparent plastic pouch.
It is a 5 piece brush set with animal print on it. These brushes are easy to use and nice set for beginners.
1. Eyebrows Brush/Comb. The bristles are kind of stiff.
2. Powder Brush - can be use for blushes or powder foundation either pressed or loose type of powder. It is a nice soft brush. It's the only brush that has tiny jewels on its ferrule.
3. Angled Brush - can be used for lining the eyes using gel liners or to line and fill in brows. It's not too flexible.
4. Lip Brush - for precise application of lipstick
5. Eyeshadow Sponge - well, to apply eyeshadow on eyelids. Though, I really don't use this kind of brush for eyeshadow.

Overall, it's a good brush set. I don't mind bringing this in my kikay kit since it's not too big nor space consuming. One downside is that it isn't sturdy enough and it's lightweight that I think it's easy to break. Yet, it's also affordable so why not diba?I'll have my tutorial using this. 

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