March 24, 2017

Review: Pancea Coffee

 This is the PANCEA COFFEE Instant Coffee Mix from @pinkroombeautystore. It retails for PhP799/box that contains 10 sachets each. It's like PhP79.9 per sachet and it's kind of pricey I know. BTW, this is made in Thailand.
Benefit Of Pancea Coffee:

 15 Ingredients:
I'm going to save your time from searching the functions and benefits of these 15 ingredients.
1.Non dairy cream (?)
2. Instant coffee mix (?)
3. Inulin - type of water soluble prebiotic fiber
4. Fiber - slow the rate that sugar is absorbed into the bloodstream
5. Chitosan - high fiber, weight loss
6. L-Carnitin L-Tartrate - effective in assisting muscle recovery and reducing muscle soreness
7. L-Arginine - helps improve blood flow in the arteries of the hear
8. White Kidney Bean Extract - "starch blockers", for weight loss
9. L-Glutamine - helps boost immune system especially in times of stress
10. Garcinia Cambogia Extract aka Hydroxycitric Acid - blocks fat, for weight loss
11. Wolfberry Extract - an antioxidant
12. Green Coffee Bean Extract - weight loss effect
13. Cactus Extract - antiviral, anti inflammatory, can decrease blood sugar levels!
14. Kelp Extract - improve immunity
15. Sucralose - low calorie sweetener
 I've just finished 1 box meaning 10 sachets. I drank everyday for 10 days. There's no significant change on my weight so I believe unless I have a supply of this for a year then maybe there will be. Yet, ofcourse, weight loss still depends on my daily activities and exercise which I barely do because I have too many excuses. lels.
I just love that even though it's an instant coffee mix I actually expected something sweet but this one tastes like regular coffee. No bitter taste. Better served Hot than Ice cold coffee. I also noticed that it actually helped me with my bowel movement. For 10 days that I drank everyday, I have regular defecation 30mins to 1 hour after drinking which I'm really glad. At the 11th day and up to present, I still have my regular bowel movements though at different time unlike when I'm drinking this Pancea Coffee I am sure that I'll have my BM after a while. I also observed that I didn't have to drink my multivitamins because I feel strong and energetic for the whole day. This product wasn't supposed to be a slimming coffee but this is to improve health and sugar intake.

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