March 14, 2017

Review: Tomato Blink Serum

Tomato Blink Serum from @sophiaandkalel
Price: PhP170.00
Net Wt: 50g.
Product Description: (credits to thaibestsellers)
Anti Aging Firming Brightening Whitening Natural Extract 100% Plus Cucumber Aloe Vera Skin Care 3 in 1.
Vitamin E helps to nourish. Tomato Tomato blink serum Brinks Serum Gel Skin Body Lotion tomatoes 2 IN 1.
Tomato blink Serum Gel Skin tomatoes.
100% natural extracts reduce inflammation and swelling of the skin surface- the dull, dark spots, uneven skin tone, wrinkles and wounds.
Extracts from the tomatoes, cucumber, aloe vera, vitamin-rich. Skin and help keep skin smooth and healthy skin look younger. Features Tomato blink Serum
Resolves an issue due to dull skin. For a smooth, radiant skin.
Help relieve inflammation of the skin. Causes of Acne Keep coming back to life
Help solve the problem of skin from blemishes. Or broken skin dryness. A healthy natural environment
Improves the condition of the pores of the face to tighten the skin and wrinkles on the face.

Tomatoes: Skin elasticity to the skin even more clear.
Cucumber: repair dry skin burnt by the sun.
Aloe: Helps reduce the appearance of dark spots. And heal the wounds caused by acne.
There are also Q10 and Vitamin E to nourish.
It is housed in a red container with the label on the cover. The serum is translucent pink and has that jelly consistency without the stickiness(As in no lagkit factor!). It's like a water based serum that the skin absorbs quickly and has that instant glow effect. After that, I felt my skin tighten like instant botox. I used this overnight and I really like the effect. My first 2 days using this I woke up with one pimple each day but then on the third day and up to present my face is more radiant and feels lifted not only that as it also tightened my pores this hot damn weather. I think the pimples were the effect of using a new product on my face and usually with tomato serum my skin is a bit sensitive. Overall, I like this one but I may not buy for another round of using this.

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