April 11, 2017

Review: D&M Lippen Cheek Tints

 D&M Lippen Cheek Tint (Gel stain)
Price: PhP 149.00 / 10ml

Product description:
It's your roll-on-the-go lippen cheek tint! Pigment is just right for everyday use, and the colors are buildable to adjust depending on what you want to achieve! From a simple no makeup look to a very pigmented lippie look! Plus with added moisturizers that won't leave your lips feeling dry. Shake before using.
claims to be:
  -consistency is high quality
-all natural
-long lasting
-no strong bitter taste
Same packaging with the tints I've used so far. Roll on type. blah blah. haha!

I applied it on a bond paper


Of course I only uploaded the lips swatches because it's hard to do swatches on the cheeks. Moving on, these tints are pigmented yet they're easy to remove with makeup wipes so I didn't have a hard time swatching these. Unfortunately, they do have that bitter taste *cries*. They are kissproof when set yet it wasn't that long lasting enough. It lasted for 4 hours. To be honest, it has a bit of scent that I didn't like too. These are not drying tints that's one good thing. Yet I didn't like these tints so much.

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