April 07, 2017

Review: Krave Double Action Matte Lipsticks

Hello everyone! Here's Krave Minerale Double Action Matte Lipsticks. It retails for PhP 249.00 and can be order online thru their main account and also their resellers. These lipsticks claim to be waterproof and long lasting plus it has no lead and other harmful chemicals. It is infused with natural ingredients. It's also creamy and moisturizing.
I have the complete five(5) shades.
Are you curious why was it called double action? At first I thought it's all matte finish but they're actually creamy in texture. It was actually called double action because of it's dual effect. It can be glossy and matte! As you can see the swatches are not fully dull. There's a slight gloss in it and if you want it to be matte then blot it with tissue and ta-da! true matte finish!

SKYE - pink mauvish in color
TRACY - bright pink
 HALEY - pink and reddish color
 BROOKE - bright red shade
 BRIDGETTE - brick red shade

watch here:

I wished they called these DOUBLE ACTION LIPSTICKS without the word matte since it's creamy kind of lipstick. I have to blot it with tissue to achieve that matte finish that I wanted. Without blotting, it smudged and not transferproof yet these lipsticks are long lasting and also staining a bit. These lipsticks are ultra pigmented! It has a faint smell but not chemical . I think it's the packaging.

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