May 01, 2017

Review: Dear Teens My Hot Kiss Creamy Matte Lipsticks

Dear Teens My Hot Kiss Creamy Matte Lipsticks by Natura Organics 
A lipstick that has SPF8. It retails for PhP 329.00 each that has 5.2g (That's a lot for a lipstick)
It is lead free, phenoxyethanol free, paraben free or in short chemical free. It is weather proof, non drying, extra moisturizing and intensely pigmented. It is carefully handcrafted and freshly made in small batches. It's the safest lipstick in the market.
I received five beautiful shades from Dra. Mel and the colors aren't only for teens but for everyone! The shades are gorgeous! I super love how wearable these colors are.
The packaging is so cute as well plus it's pink! My favorite color of all time. Of all the lipsticks that I've tried from Natura Organics these are the best of all. I really like the consistency and texture.

 `creamy matte texture (comparable to MAC)
`long lasting
`has that cooling effect on the lips
`cute packaging
`I didn't like the scent (not strong scent,faint)

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