May 18, 2017

Review: La Bella Organica Whip White Facial Foamer

What? La Bella Organica Whip White Facial Foamer
Where to buy? @LaBellaOrganicaPH Instagram or Shopee for discounted prices
Price? PhP 395.00
A whitening, antibacterial and moisturizing facial foamer. A fresh scented wash with excellent foaming quality that contain anti bacterial, anti septic and anti fungal properties that fights acne and hydrates skin to have a smoother ad healthy complexion. It has instant brightening effect. It cleanses deeply to the skin and removes make ups and dirt.
 It has a nice packaging. No need for a separate facial brush because this product already has that. It is housed in a white pump type bottle and has its own silicon facial brush where the content is also dispensed that creates a foamy effect and ready to use and brush face gently.

Surfactant, Alpha Arbutin, Vitamin B3, Tea Tree, Salicylic Acid

If incase you're allergic to some of the ingredients stop using or try a patch test first. You may also add 30ml of water inside the product if it's too concentrated for you. It didn't really give that foamy like the one that I expected but created bubbles.
Effect on me: I started using on May 1st and still using up to this time but here's to my 1 week review test. First, the scent of the facial foamer is kind of rose scent. I added more than 30mL of water because I felt that it was too strong for me and I might catch an allergic rhinitis. After 2 pumps, I massaged it on my face gently and in circular motion to let blood circulate and flow also. On May 1st, you could see that there are still redness on my pimples and after a week it lightened a bit and my face became more radiant. I love how everyday I exfoliate my skin with the silicon brush. It's not that harmful because here in PH the pollution is freaking bad so it's great to clean face everyday.
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