May 05, 2017

Review: The Makeup Gallery Lip & Cheek Tint

 Long-lasting and organic, The Makeup Gallery's Cheek and Lip Tints give you that effortlessly fresh look, enhancing your natural tones and giving your self-confidence a bit of a boost. Results may vary from one person to another and on how much tint you put on your cheeks and/or lips. The tint will develop over time, making it look naturally beautiful.

Where to order? THE MAKEUP GALLERY
Price? PhP 165.00
Available in 9 shades
  The shades that I have are Stripped and Submissive. (50 Shades much!?) ahah! They are the liquid type of tints because they are liquidy and runny when swatched.

Stripped has an orange tinged but more of a pink shade tint while Submissive is bloody red


Liquid tints tend to run down and bled creating feathery strokes on the outer line of the lips. They're long lasting but compared to gel tints they are different. Ofcourse, because they have a different consistency. I love the shades that I've got. They're not drying on the lips too and no bitter taste and no overpowering scent.

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