June 30, 2017

Mermaid Beauty Drops

 This indie brand from Instagram is my new love for whitening! It is @pinkbeautypotion. They cater natural skincare products for whitening and acne clearing. Anyway, this product I will review today is Mermaid Beauty Drops and no you're not going to have mermaid tails after applying this or will have scales on your face. It's more like a magic to my skin. It retails for PhP 285.00.
 A scented serum with moisturizing, anti-aging, whitening and anti-oxidant
and has tightening properties that maintain the moisture in the skin that
promotes healthy and youthful glowing and whitens skin.
 Ingredients: aloe vera extract, vitamin e, vitamin c, hyaluronic collagen, alpha arbutin
The packaging comes in a small glass bottle with a dropper which is also as hard. It serum has a semi thick consistency but turns like water when applied and massaged to the skin. I love how it moisturizes and hydrates my skin and also act as a primer that has a radiant and brightening effect. Every time I used this I really get a lot of compliments regarding my skin. As of my writing, I'm already more than half way of its content. You can watch my skincare routine as it is included there.

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