June 11, 2017

Mischka Hair Grower Shampoo

 What? Mischka Hair Grower Shampoo
Price? PhP 200.00
Packaging: It is housed in this sturdy white bottle with waterproof label and description.
Benefits: Helps hair grow longer. This herbal shampoo helps to nourish the hair and roots and treat your hair. It nourishes split-ends, dry and brittle hair, weak or damaged root are restored to health. A great treatment of itching of itching and dandruff symptoms.
Ingredients: Water, Tartaric acid (A pH adjuster), Castor oil (It accelerates blood circulation to the scalp, hence increasing hair growth. It works on nourishing the scalp and strengthening the roots with the help of essential nutrients), Moringa (Vitamin for the hair), Hydrolyzed keratin (It revitalizes hair’s natural protective layer while rebuilding its strength and returning the elasticity to the strands)
before - after
My hair got stressed from always being tied up or in a bun even when I sleep and the outcome was I had a lot of hair fall and hair breakage. I noticed that a section on my scalp became thin. I forgot to take good care of my hair. I asked Ms. Michelle of Mischka if the shampoo can resolve my hair problem and she immediately sent me this product. The shampoo has no scent. I barely smell anything sweet. It's neutral. There's no color too it's kinda translucent. Ofcourse, apply it to wet hair and then massage hair and scalp and rinse after a few minutes. I sometimes do not blow dry my hair and I just let it dry. The shampoo didn't soften or smoothen my hair but it became strong and there's no hair breakage. I also noticed that I don't have dandruff and it lessened my hair fall. There's no obvious hair growth but it made my hair bagsak which is nice and not all over my face. My hair looks shiny too. Additional that it is natural which is better for my damaged hair.

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