June 26, 2017

NEW from Nature Essentials

New skincare products from my Nature Essentials fam. They just launched a bunch of
new items and I used some of them and others are still not used.
First in line is the PERFECTING CREAM with SPF45.
It claims to minimize pores and it is an anti aging. It retails for PhP 299.00/25g.
I already used these thrice and I like that I can use this for daytime to act as a sunscreen
and has that instant brightening and lift effect on my face.
INGREDIENTS: Tomato extract, Carrot oil, Pomegranate seed extract, Vit. E, Chamomila recuita wax, Calendula, and Grapefuit extract
Next, PERFECTING TONER claims to minimize pores and prevent aging.
It retails for PhP250.00/60mL. I haven't tried this one yet but it smells nice
and it is in a twist to open packaging.
INGREDIENTS: BHA, Tomato extract, Aloe vera extract, Calendula extract,benzo4, Bearberry extract and Licorice.
MICELLAR CLEANSING WATER is my first organic makeup remover
It retails for PhP299.00/60mL. 
Micellar cleansing water thoroughly cleanses and instantly hydrates skin and unclogs pores with a formula that's gentle enough for sensitive skin. This cleanser uses tiny molecular balls known as micelles to entrap and dissolve dirt, oil, makeup and impurities - all without the need of harsh irritating chemicals. It also instantly boosts skin hydration, leaving your skin feeling soft, fresh and revitalized.
INGREDIENTS: water, cocobetaine, hydrogenerated castor oil, polyglycerol caprate, decoglucoside butylese glycol and glycerin from coconut
FOAMING FACIAL CLEANSER claims to prevent aging, and it is for whitening and acne clearing. It gently eliminates impurities, lightens skin, clears pores, removes makeup and excess oil, all while maintaining the skin's natural moisture balance.
INGREDIENTS: hyaluronic acid, glycerin, glyceryl monostearate, stearyl, potassium phosphate and grapefruit extract.
I really like that this facial foam has a silicone facial brush that exfoliates dry skin cells.

Last but not the least, EYE MIRACLE CREAM AND MASSAGER. It retails for PhP799.00/25g. 
It claims to be a total eye correction system.
How to use?
Squeeze the tube and apply cream under the eye area. Turn on the power button for the vibration, the gently massage on skin around the wrinkle part. For best results, use twice daily. 30 seconds per area.
I like this one also as it my first to have this kind of product.
Plus, I need this for my fine lines on my under eye area. 

What product you want me to review first? What product will you buy? Let me know. mwah!

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