June 20, 2017

Review: Tropicana Lip And Cheek Tints

taken with flash
 Newest, freshest & fruities all natural liptint.
These tints are from @tropicana.ph/@theparisprincessboutique101 
Price: PhP 150.00 each
TROPICANA All Natural Lip & Cheek Tint claims...
πŸ’‹all natural
πŸ’‹ high quality packaging
πŸ’‹ proudly locally made
πŸ’‹ with vitamin E
πŸ’‹ fruity taste and smell
πŸ’‹ long lasting
πŸ’‹ highly pigmented
πŸ’‹ moisturizes your lips
πŸ’‹ wide range of colors to choose from that will match your every outfit and mood
  I so love the packaging! It does look like paradise in a bottle. I like how they designed their sticker not just one style for everything. It's made with effort. It is like any ordinary local tint that is housed in a roll on type bottle which is nice. I have 8 shades and I think these are their whole collection.
These tints smell like paradise. Sweet and fruity! No bitter taste. Pure freshness. Of course, you are here for my swatches. Below are swatched in a bond paper and yessss.. lipswatches baby!
I'm not good at describing colors because for me they're either red, pink, orange or purple. What you see is what you get on my lipswatches. So, there you go and look for your shade!
Overall, I do not have any bad comment about these tints. They are long lasting, pigmented, nice colors, tastes and smells heavenly and also affordable. It is what it claims to be.

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  1. If you are looking for products which would help you to moisturize your skin and not have any side effects or allergies then you should use cetaphil, because it is gentle on all kinds of skin types and is soothing too.

  2. Did you try wearing them? Lasting power?

    1. yes I did. yes they are long wearing. :)


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