July 06, 2017

Charm Coverall Stick Concealer (2 shades)

 Hello lovies! How are you today? Have you checked out this new line of Nature Essentials which is the CHARM COSMETICS which is their makeup collection. If you remember Hydrating Matte Lipsticks are the most beautiful lippies you'll ever see because of its unique bamboo packaging. For today, I will share you my thoughts on their concealer. The Charm Coverall Stick Concealer claims that it glides on as creamy and transforms into velvety finish.
It retails for PhP 350.00 each. It is housed in a lipstick like tube where you have to twist the bottom so to retract the concealer and the concealer itself looks like a lipstick because it has an angle and not the flat top concealer. They only have two shades which are light and medium. No fancy names and they are what they are. hihi. Both concealers have yellow undertone. Yehes!
I've already used both concealers a couple of times hence it's kind of dirty
 The Light shade gives that instant lift and brightens up my face. The Medium shade is like a natural shade that covers my dark under eyes neatly. Both concealers have the same consistency and texture. They glide smoothly and transforms into a powder feel finish. Though, I still set this with powder since I am prone from creasing on my under eye area since I already have fine lines there.
 A simple makeup tip to not look puyat because of binge watching your kdrama is to use concealer. Simply apply in triangle shape and blend upwards for the lifted effect. That's conceal and highlight already and no more puyat look in just two steps. Remember apply and blend well. You can also use these concealers on the brow bone area, nose bridge and chin area if you really want the matte highlighted look without the pop of shimmers on your face. Did I already remind you? these concealers are made from organic ingredients. Like Nature Essentials the Charm line are organic makeup so I am not scared to use this everyday 'cause my skin never broke out when I used their products. It is safe for pregnant and lactating mothers. I love these concealers.

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