July 31, 2017

Detail Makeover Contour Blush & Palette

I rarely see blush palette from a local brand and Detail Makeover offers one. It is their contour and blush palette 4 in 1 because aside from that there's also bronzer and highlighter. It retails for PhP 499.00 and that's not bad at all because it has 6 powders so it's like paying 80 pesos per pan.
I bought this at Landmark Trinoma in case someone asked where I purchased this one. The palette has 1 dark contour, 1 medium shade contour, 1 bronzer, 1 highlighter, 2 blushes (1 pink and 1 peach shade). The powders are very dusty and chalky. It has a lot of fallouts which messed up the palette as the powder dust are everywhere. As of my writing, I still didn't like the highlighter and the dark contour shade but on my video I didn't like the bronzer but now I used the bronzer also for contouring. By the way, they're all pigmented even they're really powdery.

The product didn't break me out so it's good. I like using this palette especially for contouring.

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