July 04, 2017

Skin Potions Meow Eyeliner Stamp

 One of my most raved product today is this Skin Potions Meow Eyeliner Stamp aka Meowliner. This is the first time I've tried this kind of product that is a two way eyeliner and at first I'm hesitant with this but it made my winged line easier and faster. This item retails for PhP 350.00 each
but usually if you go to Skin Potions bazaars they have promos and sales.
Skin Potions cater products that are made from natural ingredients but I'm not so sure with the Meowliner because I couldn't find any available info about its ingredients but
I think it's safe to use and I didn't experience any allergic reactions. When you see the Meowliner it looks like a pentel pen. It's almost the same size actually. Same grip same size.
 On the end, you'll find a pointed felt tip liner.
 And on the other end is the stamp
 You can create or illustrate lines easily because the tip of the eyeliner is pointed.
 How do you actually use this?
1. Use the stamp to create a winged line
2. Use that as a guide and trace the line back to your lash line. 

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