July 29, 2017

Skin Fairy Solutions Lip And Cheek Tints Swatches

 The Skin Fairy Solutions' owner sent me six(6) beautiful colors of lip and cheek tints. Each retails for PhP 130.00 only. It has 10mL per bottle with the usual roll on type packaging.
The tints do have a slightest bitter taste in it. Tolerable. It is not that pigmented for me as I had to at least have 4-5 swipes before achieving the pigmentation I wanted plus the stain on my upper lip is quite less than the opaqueness on my lower lip. It is quite long lasting.

 As you can see on the photo below, Dolly, Foxy and Queen Bee aren't too pigmented when swatched in my arm but they're quite pigmented when swatched on my lips.
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