August 27, 2017

Yuki HD Cosmetics Faith Hope Love Soft Matte Lipsticks

Hello! I already introduced you lovies to Yuki HD Cosmetics on my previous review which is the Yuki HD Brow Cushion. For today, I managed to test these liquid lipsticks from their brand. These are really affordable liquid lipsticks as you can buy these set for PhP399.00. Yes, PhP 399 for 3 beautiful color of lipsticks! I'm not sure if it's sold individually since it's Faith Hope Love collection.

The product comes in an acrylic transparent tube. The label is stuck on the cap and has a regular doe foot applicator. The three liquid lipsticks are the following: Faith is a mauve rose color which is really appealing and for sure is the majority's choice of color because it's a nice everyday shade. On the other hand, Hope is a dark red to brick color and Love is the bright red shade.
I have to dip twice to achieve my desired amount of colors. They do feel that you have something on the lips but it isn't heavy on the feeling. They have a tad tacky feeling but tolerable because I think that's usual with a liquid lipstick. Here are the swatches:
I have to sweep back and forth also to achieve my desired opacity and opaqueness of the liquid lipsticks. It didn't set in the deep lines of my lips and it's not uncomfortable too. Without eating/drinking these liquid lipsticks are of course long lasting but once you drink it will start fading and starts to crack. So overall, this collection is just good for me. It's not really an amazing product but it's good for its price and quality. The colors have a nice payoff as well. These are sold online.
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