September 15, 2017

Review: Skin Potions Glow Bomb

Hi everyone! I think you are already familiar with the brand Skin Potions but if you didn't know this then where are you living !? ahah.. I've already tried a lot of Skin Potions product like their lip balms, lipsticks and also their skincare products. This is one of their newest products which is the Glow Bomb palette. It retails for PhP 560.00 only. If you divide it in six because it has 6 pans then it's like just paying 90+ each. What a STEAL!
It has a cardboard like packaging and I like the simplicity of the logo in the cover.
I received this palette with two broken pans thus it looks pressed down. It is somehow similar with ABH Nicole Guerriero highlighting palette except.... that this one has a lavender tone which I compared to Sleek's Solstice palette that I did swatch at my Instagram story but you wouldn't able to see it already because it's good for 24 hours only.hehe! Actually, this is a versatile palette because it is not only as a highlighter but also can be used as an eye shadow and bronzer. I really like how big each pan in the palette. They're all pigmented in one swipe. It has a lil bit soft texture and also slightly chalky but not too much. My fan brush gets a lot of product than its residue.
Here are my swatches. I'm not the best arm swatcher in the country but all of these are just one stroke. I hope they put names into each pan so it is easy to remember and memorize. I don't like differentiating colors too that's why I put numbers instead. Number 2 is my favorite from all shades. I feel like the color is close to The Balm Mary Lou manizer which is my all time favorite highlighter that compliments my skin and this one does the job too! The other shades are:
#1 : White shimmer color that is nice to put in the inner corner of my eyes.
#3 : Lavender : When you need some pop of color in your eyeshadow or you want to use this as highlighter in your cheeks if you love unicorns
#4 : Rose Gold color that I super love putting on my eye lids as an eyeshadow! Koreans love this kind of color.
# 5: Light Golden color : I like putting this also on the highpoints of my cheeks and brow bone area
# 6: Copper Gold color : I think this color suits medium to dark skin tones if you want it to use as a highlighter but fair to medium can use this as an eyeshadow or bronzer.
I've used this palette a lot and you can see on the photos above without me not wearing foundation nor primer. I used the products as it is. It's definitely blinding and if you want to go overboard then your highlight will be brighter than my future! I super love this palette! It is affordable, worth it and it's everything if you're obsessed with glow too! You can check out for more info.

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