October 12, 2017

Review: Le Blanc's Matte Drizzle Makeup Setting Spray

 The Matte Drizzle Makeup Setting Spray is an essential final step in setting makeup for all day or all night perfection. Spray prevents cracking, fading and melting of makeups. It has Tomato and Cucumber extracts plus Aloe Vera to soothe and gives a lot of wonderful skin types.
I will update the price since I couldn't see it on their Instagram page. It did hold my makeup in place but not with the oil control. Just after 3 hours my t-zone built up an oil factory. (haha) Yet, my makeup was still intact at the point. Add another 3 hours and my makeup was still in its place yet oil built up in the nose area. I have combo skin type if I forgot to mention it. Then at the end of the day, ofcourse my foundation melted(hulas) especially on my forehead. My blush and contour were still there so far. I like how fine it is when sprayed. It feels like a mist and it's gentle on the skin. I do like that it mattifies the makeup yet it has moisturizing ingredients. Also, there are no harmful chemicals because it is an organic makeup setting spray and I think it could also be a primer to prepare your skin before makeup application as it is skincare too.

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