October 16, 2017

Review: Skin Fairy Solutions DD WHitening Cream

 Skin Fairy Solutions DD Whitening Cream, this cream provides protection of the skin from the harmful UV rays. Its smooth satin finish is ideal for daily use and may be used alone or under makeup. It is formulated with Green Tea and Soybean Extracts that help skin fights environmental factors that cause skin aging. It says that apply it gently all over the face and neck at least 20 minutes before exposure to sun. It has 25g of product and that's a lot for a cream. It has SPF50 also. This product retails for P250.00
It is housed in this translucent plastic container and when you open it up it has lid cover and then the cream. The cream looked so light when swatched so I recommend to put a small amount only onto your face so you wouldn't look like a white lady like what happened to my face. haha
 I will not use this as is because it is too light for me and just use this as a base for my makeup plus it is also a sunblock cream because of its high SPF in it. On the next photo, I applied a slightly darker powder and it looked so good after that. My face brighten up, looked young even with the matte finish and without the glow. I applied the powder atleast 5 minutes after the cream is completely settled on my skin. Firthermore, as a skincare product I like it but not that I will use this everyday.

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