November 07, 2017

Review: Color Matched Matte Lipsticks

 Hello everyone! It is not in their new molded shape because I've used these lipsticks a couple of times already. These are the latest Color Matched Matte Lipsticks from @LeBlancsBeautyPh on Instagram. It retails for P399.00 each.
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-New classy packaging
-Creamy matte
-Non drying
-Long wearing
-Paraben free
-Made with premium quality organic ingredients
 This is not the complete collection. I am not quite sure the total number of colors available in their line but I am sure that they have nudes, pinks, reds and bold colors. Leafa, Hikaru and Asuna are my favorite shades. Although, Yuri and Shura are nice colors I did not use them as often but I do like them too. All lipsticks are creamy matte in finish. They're highly pigmented in one swipe and very consistent in the opaqueness. No need to go back and forth. Though, one side of these are they're soft that it tends to touch the rim of the tube and like Asuna, it is broken from the bottom of the actual lipstick because it is too creamy.


Kindly disregard the Sinon because it is the same with YURI. Sinon is not like that.

Overall, I love these creamy matte lipsticks. Even though, they break and kind of melt easily they are really pigmented, long lasting even with the consistency. Of course, they are not kissproof, smudgeproof and water proof. 

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