December 13, 2017

Review: Tin's Organic Sweet Lip Scrub

 This organic lip scrub from @tins_organics on Instagram is a must have for people with dry and chapped lips, and also to those people who do a lot of lipswatches like I do. Lip scrub helps to remove dead skin from lips bringing out new fresh layers, making the lips soft, and smooth. This one is organic so there's more benefits into it like it will nourished your lips because of the essential oils and vitamins infused within the product. This lip scrub retails for P150.00.
Directions + Ingredients:

 This sweet scrub has an orange flavor and indeed it tastes like sweet orange. It didn't sting when I rubbed it on my lips because if you think of orange it means there's a bit of acidity into it. I do think it will help to make lips more pinkish than before.
 It's very easy to use. Just apply and then rub then wipe off with wipes. My lips are softer and no more chapped lips. I highly recommend that you buy this because everybody should exfoliate their lips once in a while.
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1 comment:

  1. My lips are super dry so I use a lip scrub on them every night then finish off with a lip balm. Been meaning to try stuff from Tin's Organics!


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